How to use Crazy 8s in your design process

March 14, 2021

Have ever you used “Crazy 8s” in your design process? If you have, you know how powerful it is. If you haven’t, allow me to introduce you to a game-changing design method — that will give you the power to come up with better solutions for your problem faster! Read on…

So, what IS “Crazy 8s”? Crazy 8s is a core design sprint method that challenges people to sketch 8 distinct idea in 8 minutes. This is typically done with a sharpie and blank paper, but you could also use a digital tool on an iPad like I did here using the Concepts App.



The goal of Crazy 8s is to push beyond your first idea—often the least innovative—and generate a wide variety of solutions to your problem. In my scenario, I was tasked with the challenge for helping my user “Nina” find the perfect cafe for remote working in her city (or a city she might be visiting). I first identified the screen that would be the most crucial in solving Nina’s problem.

If you’ve enjoyed hearing my brief explanation of Crazy 8s and how they can be super valuable in the design process, check out these resources to learn more — and be sure to slide into my DMs on Instagram to let me know how it goes for you!

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Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days (book)

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How to do crazy 8’s remotely (UX Collective)



I hope that some of these tools are helpful to you as you move forward in your design career!

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Hope you have a great week!